To cancel and return your order, you must first contact our support line +90 252 455 56 93 to make the request and obtain the address information that the package will be sent back to. The responsibility for the package’s return to belongs to the BUYER. After the package’s arrival, the product will be checked and your order will be canceled. If your order has not been delivered to you, the order will be cancelled as soon as you make a request from our support line.

Provision of Law numbered 4077 on the Protection of Consumer will be applied during the return process off the product.  The customer has the right to withdraw within 7 days from the delivery of the contractul product to themselves or the person/ organization specified for the delivery. To use the law of withdrawal, the customer must fax, email, or call to notify them during the 7 day period, and the product must not have been used. In the case of use of the law of withdrawal, it is obligatory for the BUYER to send the product with cargo delivery log and the original invoice, which had been sent to third person or the customer, to Within 7 days of the arrival of these documents, the value of the product will be returned to the customer. In case of the original invoice not being returned, VAT and other legal obligations, if any, cannot be returned. The BUYER will be responsible for the shipping cost of the product if the law of withdrawal is used.

The right of withdrawal cannot be used if the product was made in accordance with the customers special requests or if the product was customized specifically for the customer. Therefore; all rings since rings need to be customized to fit the customer, products with gold that had writings put on to per customers request or in products, and products that were produced per customers requests, are not eligible for use of the right of withdrawal.

The products that will be returned must be returned same as it was sent to the customer, such as; the product, the invoice, the delivery note, the certificate, the product box, the packaging, and all the documents and materials, and must be returned to the address that will be given to you. In the process of return of product, any deterioration or degeneration to the product or the documentations and materials that is causes by the customer or the delivery company is the BUYER’s responsibility. To make a request for return, you can fill the customer contact form, or email If the product is returned without contacting, the return will not be accepted and will not be received.

Once the return is received, the received product will be examined by experts to make sure the return conditions have been met. If the return is approved, amount of the product; will be sent back to the credit card if the payment was made with a credit card, will be sent back to the bank account if the payment was made with a bank transfer, in 7 days after the return date. For the amount to be returned to the credit card may take from 1 to 4 weeks.